Lake Murray, SC Living – Life is Better at the Lake

homes for sale on lake murray sc

Are you dreaming of beautiful Lake Murray, SC color-splashed sunrises or sunsets?

Maybe it’s enjoying your morning cup of coffee in peace and serenity that only comes from living on the water. Or perhaps you want to find a home where its views make you feel like you’re on vacation all year long.

Lake Murray, only 15 miles northwest of Columbia, SC is a place where you can enjoy resort-style living with all the modern amenities of a small town. Just a short drive in any direction and you can leave your lake living oasis and enjoy all the art and culture of South Carolina’s state capital, Columbia can bring. The best of both worlds in one spectacular community …year-round.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Lake Murray covers 78 square miles or about 50,000 acres of land. Its shoreline is home to an array of lakeside communities and neighborhoods. From small weekend cottages to resort communities you’re sure to find a home that suits your style of living.

Encompassing four counties, Lexington, Richland, Newberry and Saluda its vast size alone will give you more options for a lakeside living than anywhere else in South Carolina.

Named for William S. Murray, the engineer who designed the dam was built in 1930 by damming the Saluda River. At the time the Saluda Dam was the largest earthen dam ever built. Its purpose was to generate electricity for the South Carolina Electric and Gas Company. However, the untold story that lies beneath the water’s surface is the forgotten towns that lay hidden in the depths of history.

To make room for the lake 100,000 acres of land was purchased and dozens of communities had to be abandoned including a bridge, graveyard, schools, and churches. What lies under the lake has fascinated people for years.

To keep the lake healthy they periodically lower the lake levels to allow rainfall to scour the shallow coves that wash sediments into the deeper part of the lake. This allows ample time for homeowners to repair docks, and add shoreline improvements, keeping the edge of the lake in top condition.

A Day at the Lake

Lake Murray is one of the top recreation destinations in central South Carolina. It hosts an array of unique activities aimed to invite people to come and enjoy a day at the lake.  Each event draws thousands of people into the area to enjoy is beautiful waters. From the Easter Regatta that lines its deep waters with sailboat races to it’s Annual July 4th Boat Parade there is always something fun to do on and around its 649 miles of shoreline.  

Recreation boating is its number one activity for most lake residents. Ski boats, pontoons, and fishing boats all share its water for a number of activities. With 25 landings and marinas offering wet and dry boat storage, motor repair, fuel supplies and so much more there is no reason boating, and fishing enthusiasts wouldn’t want to call Lake Murray home. Even if you don’t have a boat, there are plenty of places around the lake that you can rent a boat for a few hours to a few days.

Did I tell you the fishing is GREAT on Lake Murray?

The lake is home to a large number of fish species, but the most popular by choice is largemouth bass, striped bass, and crappie. The lake plays hosts to a large number of fishing tournaments throughout the year.

Check out the SC DNR’s Fresh Water Fishing Trends for the latest report on what is biting on the lake.

Pack a Picnic

Lake Murray not only offers an array of boating activities its shoreline plays host to a number of recreational areas that make perfect picnic spots.

A Restaurant with a View

Are you enjoying your time on the water? No need to call it a day if you get hungry. Lake Murray restaurants cater to boaters and encourage its water guests to pull into a boat slip to enjoy a refreshing drink and a bite to eat.

It’s not summertime in the Midlands unless you enjoy one of its spectacular restaurants with a view.

Home to the Purple Martin

Every summer hundreds of thousands of Purple Martins call Bomb Island, Lake Murray home. Residents and tourist alike make it an annual event to watch as they return for their very own summer vacation. It is estimated that more than one million birds venture north for the summer and roost on the island, giving spectators a rare look at one of nature's true wonders. The sky gets dark, and millions of birds fill the pre-dawn and evening skies each day. From the end of June until the beginning of August you can view it too.  

Schedule a Purple Martin Tour on the Spirit of Lake Murray or with Wingard’s Naturalist and USCG Captain Zach to experience a once-in-a-lifetime viewing of purple martins at one of North America’s largest purple martin roost.

Lake Murray, SC Home for Sale

Convenient to I-26 in Irmo and I-20 in Lexington, Lake Murray makes the perfect place to call home. There are a number of upscale housing communities around the lake that feature boat slips, and dry dock facilities for residents.

If smaller family oriented neighbors are more your style, Lexington and Chapin are two of the fastest growing areas in the Midlands and plays host to some of the best schools in South Carolina.

For many homeowners buying a home on a lake is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and they don’t want to only focus on the house but the whole lakefront lifestyle.

If waterfront living is calling you, look to the REALTORS® at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company to show you all the options available to living on the lake.

Do you want to know the Market Value of your Lake Murray home?

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Central Carolina REALTORS® Association Elects Charles Caughman 2019 President

Central Carolina REALTORS® Association Elects Charles Caughman 2019 President

REALTOR® leader to spearhead organization of more than 2,600 members

Lexington, SC. (December 6, 2018) – Charles Caughman, Broker in Charge/Owner of Weichert REALTORS® Caughman Co., was inducted as 2019 President of the Central Carolina REALTORS® Association. Caughman succeeds Doug Bridges.

As President, Charles will be a leader of leaders, serving a membership made up of business professionals and community ambassadors. While serving as President, Charles will work closely with Association staff, local officials and partner organizations to strengthen the real estate industry and create a fair, ethical and spirited environment for Midland’s REALTORS®. 

Since beginning his real estate career in 2007, Charles has been very active in the real estate industry. Becoming a Broker in 2014, he was instrumental in opening Caughman Company and has since franchised with Weichert to have forty-one agents throughout the Greater Lexington, SC area. Believing in the value of a trained and professional agent he offers his agents all the tools they need to take their personal business to the next level.

He has served on various committees within The Central Carolina REALTORS® Association and has served as a mentor for agents and brokers throughout the industry.

When asked what his plans are for The Central Carolina REALTORS® Association for the upcoming year, he stated:

“I’m passionate about helping our REALTORS® obtain all the professional training they need to make the real estate industry the best it can be. I want to work on helping the industry see the value in being REALTORS®, and I hope to bring all agents together in unity to provide the best experience for the consumer.”


About The Central Carolina REALTORS® Association

The Central Carolina REALTORS® Association has been providing the Midlands with professional real estate service for over 100 years. Chartered on July 28, 1913, CCRA strives to serve its membership by providing programs and services to enhance their ability to conduct business successfully with integrity and competency, without undue regulatory restraint, as well as to encourage the preservation of real property rights.

 The National Association of REALTORS® is the largest trade association in America, representing 1.3 million members. The Central Carolina REALTORS® Association has reached 2,600 members and continues to grow every day.

The REALTOR® Difference

The REALTOR DifferenceWhat makes a REALTOR® different from a Real Estate Agent?

Are you confused by the various names and titles of real estate professionals? If you’re entering into the real estate market for the very first time, you may find all the titles a bit confusing. Professional real estate agents go by an array of different names. Brokers, Realtors, Associate Brokers, Agents, and the list goes on. In the Real Estate Industry there are essential differences between the roles and different requirements when using specific titles. It is vital you understand what your particular real estate agent can and cannot do before buying or selling a home with them.

Let’s take a closer look at the different titles your agent might use as defined by

  • Real Estate Agent or Realtor: Anyone who earns a real estate license can be called a real estate agent, whether that license is as a sales professional, an associate broker or a broker. State requirements vary, but in all states, you must take a minimum number of classes and pass a test to earn your license.
  • REALTOR®: A real estate agent who is a member of the NAR (National Association of REALTORS®), which means that he or she must uphold the standards of the association and its code of ethics. Only real estate licensees who are members of the NAR® are properly called REALTORS®. They proudly display the REALTOR "®" logo on their business cards or other marketing and sales literature. To retain membership in the NAR, REALTORS®  are required to take additional continuing-ed classes, often focusing on ethical work habits and other consumer protection topics. Realtors are required to complete an ethics course every four years.
  • Real Estate Broker: A person who has taken education beyond the agent level as required by state laws and has passed a broker’s license exam. Brokers can work alone, or they can hire agents to work for them.
  • Real Estate Salesperson: Another name for a real estate agent.
  • Real Estate Associate Broker: Someone who has taken additional education classes and earned a broker’s license but chooses to work under the management of a broker.

Why use a professionally trained REALTOR®?

Buying or selling a home is one of the most significant financial investments you’ll make in a lifetime. It is essential that you put your trust in a REALTOR® that has been professionally trained by the National Association of REALTORS®.

There are many factors to consider when entering the real estate market and a REALTOR® can offer priceless information that may save you a great deal of money - or save you from making a terrible mistake.

Real estate can be complicated; a REALTOR® can make the difference in a successful transaction.

Here are just a few critical reasons why you should be using a REALTOR®.

  • REALTORS® work to qualify prospective buyers in their financial ability to purchase.
  • REALTORS® use many forms of advertising including newspapers, social media, magazines, contact with out-of-town buyers and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • REALTORS® have access to current market information substantiating comparable selling prices for specific types of homes, allowing sellers to establish realistic prices while obtaining fair market value for their property.
  • REALTORS® are required to upgrade their professional abilities by keeping informed about market trends, the latest industry innovations, new legislation, and civil rights.
  • REALTORS® subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics and accept the responsibility of promoting the interests of buyers and sellers by protecting them from fraud and misrepresentation.
  • REALTORS® are required by law to complete continuing education on an ongoing basis.

NAR is the largest professional real estate association with over one million members. Whether you’re selling or buying you should always look for REALTOR® logo when choosing your real estate professional.

If you have questions about hiring a REALTOR®, please contact us at 803.622.4596 or stop by and see us at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company, 120 Ellis Ave Ste C, Lexington, SC.

Use These Insider Tips to Make Your House Sell Faster

Insider Tips to Make Your House Sell Faster

We know selling a home can be a stressful process.  Even more so if you need to sell it quickly. We’ve put together a few things that will help sell your home faster.

  1. A home that looks good will sell more. Keeping your house clean will go a long way toward encouraging potential buyers.  Keeping the lawn and shrubbery trimmed and pressure washing the outside is essential for those first drivebys.  
  2. Flowers and tasteful lawn accents can make your home look more attractive and add interest.  If you don’t have a green thumb, pick up a few hanging baskets to add color and greenery to the entrance of your home.
  3. A fresh coat of paint can make your house more attractive without taking up too much time.  New paint makes your home look more polished and gives the impression of it being well cared for.
  4. Making necessary repairs.  Even minor repairs can do wonders for a home's desirability.  Replacing old paint or wallpaper, for example, can be done quickly and inexpensively.  Yet it has quite an impact on the look of your home.
  5. Rearranging your furniture can help your home sell more quickly.  Arranging items in a way that makes a room look larger can work to your advantage.  Furniture can also be moved to showcase your home's assets improve the flow making it look more inviting.

If your home needs repairs but you prefer not to make them, being upfront about them can actually save you time and headaches.  Many buyers will require a home inspection before closing the deal, and it will reveal any problems present.  Disclosing any known issues and adjusting the asking price can work to your advantage.

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, the price is an essential factor.  While you probably want to get the most money possible out of your home, selling fast will likely require you to set the price somewhat lower than you might otherwise set it.  Still, setting it a bit higher than bottom dollar allows you and potential buyers room to negotiate.

Making some minor adjustments to your home, pricing it competitively, and making sure buyers know about it can help it sell more quickly.  People can't buy what they don't know about, so proper marketing is essential. 

A home that looks nice and is priced to sell will attract more prospective buyers.


If you have questions about how to sell your home faster, please contact us at 803.622.4596 or stop by and see us at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company, 120 Ellis Ave Ste C, Lexington, SC.

How To Determine the Selling Price for Your Home

How to Determine a Selling Price for Your Home

First-time home sellers often have a lot to learn when putting their homes on the market.  Unless they have been previously involved in real estate in a different capacity, they are entering uncharted territory.  Setting a selling price is often one of the most dreaded tasks because those new to selling homes do not know where to begin.

Here at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company, we take the guesswork out of setting a selling price. As experienced agents in the Lexington, SC area we know what factors affect the price. We know how to set the asking price to your advantage and help you get the most money possible.

Real estate markets vary from city to city and even neighborhood to neighborhood.  As local agents serving the Midlands of South Carolina will are more familiar with the area's market trends than someone who is not familiar with the local market.  That means we can more easily determine how much your home has the potential to sell for and help you set the asking price accordingly.

There are many factors we look at when helping you determine a selling price:

  • The past and present listings in the area
  • Listings that have closed recently in the area
  • Looking at homes that are similar in size, age, and acreage
  • Comparisons within a half-mile radius
  • Pending listings
  • Active listing 
  • How long listings have been on the market
  • Forecasting to help us determine the value of the home

Once we have determined what prices homes similar to yours have been selling for, we look at the state of the real estate market.  In a seller's market, there are more buyers than there are homes for sale.  This allows sellers to get a higher price for their homes due to the high demand.  A buyer's market is present when there are more homes for sale than potential buyers.  That means that you will need to price competitively.  In a balanced market, you can expect to get a price similar to that of other comparable homes that have recently sold.

Pricing your home can seem like a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be.  We can help you determine the best asking price for your home if you choose to use one.  If pricing your home on your own, looking at listings of similar homes can help you settle on an amount.  As long as you don't price your home so high that buyers will not even consider it, there is always the opportunity for negotiation.


Do you want to know the Market Value of your Home?

Please click here to start a FREE Price Trend Analysis of your home.

As real estate agents serving Lexington, SC, we know first hand how confusing the home selling process can be.  Many of our clients come to us knowing we will take the stress out of home selling and make it a painless and seamless transaction. If you have questions about selling your home in Lexington, SC, please call us at 803.622.4596 or stop by and see us at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company, 120 Ellis Ave Ste C, Lexington, SC.

Should I Sell My Home During the Holidays?

We often get that question this time of year. Typically spring and summer are the best times of year for home sellers. However, here in South Carolina with our mild winters, any time is a good time, and that includes the time between Thanksgiving and New Years.

We feel it makes sense to sell during the holiday season for a few reasons:

  1. Listing a home now before the housing inventory rises in the spring help lower the competition.
  2. Buyers tend to be more motivated toward the end of the year when they may be seeking extra tax benefits.
  3. Potential buyers have more time to search for homes since most take vacations during holiday breaks.
  4. Larger companies tend to relocate employees in December so they can start new positions January 1st.
  5. If you sell now, it will position yourself to start looking for a new house after the first of the year when others sellers get serious about listing their home.

If you decide that listing your home right before the holiday season is in your best interest, here are a few tips to help you along:

  • Keep holiday decorations to a minimum.
  • Don’t cover up essential selling features of your home.
  • Choose a smaller tree to keep the flow and walking areas of your home open.
  • Use more red than green since red is an emotionally appealing color.
  • If using centerpieces choose nature-themed arrangements.
  • Set out a plate of holiday cookies at your open house with festive paper napkins.
  • Don’t include over religious or too personal decorations.
  • Use tasteful yet festive decoration.  Simple greenery added to your mantel  and an elegant nature-themed wreath on your front door will help buyers fall in love with your home. You want to appeal to as broad an audience as possible.
  • Don’t forget curb appeal. Add festival but yet tasteful, simple decorations to your front stoop and forego blow-up decorations and strings of colorful lights.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Buyers are busy this time of the year, so be flexible with showing times.

Now is the time to get a jump ahead on those springtime listings. Let one of our agents here at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company know if you have any questions about selling your home during the holidays. 


Do you want to know the Market Value of your Home?

Please click here to start a FREE Price Trend Analysis of your home.

As real estate agents serving Lexington, SC, we know first hand how confusing the home selling process can be.  Many of our clients come to us knowing we will take the stress out of home selling and make it a painless and seamless transaction. If you have questions about selling your home in Lexington, SC, please call us at 803.622.4596 or stop by and see us at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company, 120 Ellis Ave Ste C, Lexington, SC.

It’s Time for Winter On-Peak Hours

Mid Carolina On-Peak Hours

Now that we just turned our clocks back, and we’re starting to gear up for hot chocolate, football, and (my wife’s favorite) all those Hallmark movies, it’s time to start watching our homes energy consumption.

Our friends over at Mid-Carolina Electric have just announced their Winter On-Peak hours for 2018.  From November 1 - March 31 the hours between 6:00 am – 9:00 am will be classified as Winter On-Peak Hours. 

What does On-Peak Hours mean?

During certain times of the day, when consumers use more energy, the electricity company charges a higher amount of energy usage. This time is known as peak energy usage. They advise that you try to avoid heavy electric usage during those hours to keep your energy bill under control.

How can you reduce your energy use?

  • Operate washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, and other large appliances during off-peak hours.
  • Unplug electronics when not in use.
  • Put the hibernation feature on your computers.
  • Keep your thermostats set at 68 degrees and install a programmable thermostat to keep it from increasing during on-peak times.
  • Install motion sensors.
  • Seal and insulate your attic access door, air conditioning window units, and any opening to the outdoors.
  • Close your chimney damper when not in use.
  • Install low-flow shower heads.
  • Replace furnace filters often.
  • Install timers on electric water heaters and recirculation pumps, so they operate mainly during off-peak hours.
  • Turn off all but essential lights during on-peak hours.
  • Enjoy electricity-consuming hobbies during the off-peak hours.

If you would like more energy saving tips, checkout Mid-Carolina’s

101 Low Cost / No Cost Home Energy Saving Measures

Mid-Carolina offers energy audits to help identify the best ways to save and the most cost-effective measures to take.  If you would like to know more about the energy you use or to schedule an energy audit, please call them at 803-749-6400.


As real estate agents serving Lexington, SC, we know firsthand how confusing the home selling process can be.  Many of our clients come to us knowing we will take the stress out of home selling and make it a painless and seamless transaction. If you have questions about selling your home in Lexington, SC, please call us at 803.622.4596 or stop by and see us at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company, 120 Ellis Ave Ste C, Lexington, SC.

8 Tips to Sell Your House Quickly

sell your home quickly tips

You’ve weighed all of your options, and you’ve made the decision to sell your home. You may have even started to research new neighborhoods and are getting excited about all the new possibilities that come with buying a new home. However, you’re now left with the question as to how to sell your home fast.

If you want to be assured that you can sell your home quickly and with confidence, you’ll get the best asking price we’ve come up with eight tips that won’t leave you sitting on the market too long.

  1. Less is More
    There is no better time than before your home goes on the market to clutter-bust every square inch of your home. With the minimalist movement sweeping across the country, home buyers have a hard time seeing a homes true potential through mounds of clutter and dirt. From counters to closets and even in garages pay particular attention to all those areas that have become junk magnets. Thoroughly clean and declutter every inch until it shines. Clean houses are more attractive to a buyer and will keep them interested longer.  Excited buyers usually write an offer quickly, so dig out the mop and broom and get to work.
  2. Improve the Flow
    Once you have removed all the clutter and cleaned every room, it’s time to step back and take a walk through your home.  Is the furniture arranged in a manner that allows you to move freely between each room with bumping into things?  Have you moved the furniture to a more conversational and inviting arrangement? Remove any furniture that is not functional and restricts the flow of the home. Buyers want to see open and airy spaces that allow for family gatherings and easy conversation.
  3. Put Buyer Glasses On
    Remove everything that a potential buyer cannot relate to.  Family pictures, religious décor, collectibles and anything that makes your home yours needs to be removed.  Buyers need to envision themselves living in your home, and it’s difficult for them to do that when all they see is you.
  4. Set the Table
    Home Staging is one of the best investments you can make when you need to sell your home quickly.  Staging paints a picture for buyers to see how their family can live in a home. Setting the table, making the bed with beautiful bed coverings, arranging the furniture in inviting arrangements and even creating lovely vignettes will entice a buyer to take a serious look at your home. Home staging is a way of decorating your home so it’s more attractive to a buyer and is a way to highlight a homes best features. Home Staging goes for the outside of your home as well. Curb appeal is often the first thing a buyer will see, so trim the bushes, mow the lawn, and tidy up the garden to make a great first impression. Even if your home is beautiful on the inside, if it doesn’t have great curb appeal a buyer may drive buy without ever taking a look inside.
  5. Don’t be a Handyman Special
    New homeowners usually want move-in ready homes.  An endless list of handyman improvements isn’t appealing to potential buyers. Your listing agent will gladly do a walk through with you to go over a list of potential issues that may need to be addressed in order to sell your home quickly. They will also note any repairs that could come up in an inspection contingency -- such as leaky pipes, cracked windows, appliance issues, cracked foundations, roof repairs, etc.
  6. Timing is Everything
    Even though we cannot control the housing market, realtors can determine the best time to list your home. You may not think the holidays are a good time but research shows that home buyers that look for homes during the holidays are more serious buyers.  Typically the best selling season runs from May until early July. That is the ideal time for parents with children to buy and relocate to a new neighborhood. However, that may not be the case in your area. Your listing agent will be able to help you come up with the ideal time to list your home in your specific location.
  7. List at the Right Price
    The clue to selling your house fast is pricing it right the first time. An overpriced house can sit on the market for months without attracting a single buyer. To get an accurate idea on how much your home is worth contact us so we can perform a Price Trend Analysis (PTA) on your home prior to listing it. Here at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company in Lexington, SC we go beyond the typical Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and use our exclusive PTA method for determining a home’s market value.
  8. Go Above and Beyond
    Your realtor will market your home in every way they possibly can, but you can take an active role in selling your home quickly by going above and beyond the typical listings.
    • Dig out your phone and record a video featuring all the things you love about your home.  Call it a “Your Homes Love Story.” Take your viewers on a tour of your home, your neighborhood and all the best features of your home. Upload it to YouTube and share it with the world.
    • Facebook is the leading social media platform for home buyers and sellers alike.  Post your homes listing on your personal Facebook page and ask your followers to share it with their family and friends.
    • Encourage neighbors to choose their new neighbors.  Community Boards and Neighborhood Facebook Groups make the perfect place for your neighbors to pick their newest occupant.  Neighbors will share your listing with anyone they know that might be looking to buy.
    • Host a neighborhood block party that doubles as an open house so your neighbors can see the features of your home and are more likely to share your listing with their friends.

The success of selling your home fast depends a great deal on current market conditions and factors beyond your control, but by using these eight tips, you can undoubtedly shift the odds in your favor to sell your home quickly.


Do you want to know the Market Value of your Home?

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As real estate agents serving Lexington, SC, we know first hand how confusing the home selling process can be.  Many of our clients come to us knowing we will take the stress out of home selling and make it a painless and seamless transaction. If you have questions about selling your home in Lexington, SC, please call us at 803.622.4596 or stop by and see us at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company, 120 Ellis Ave Ste C, Lexington, SC.

The Joy in Giving Back to Our Community

Oktoberfest 2018

There is a valuable life lesson we all can learn by taking the time to invest in our community. No matter what your circumstances, there is always someone or some organization that is facing tougher challenges than you could ever imagine.

Giving back to the community who supports your business is the most important thing you can do. And we’re not talking about giving back in terms of offering a discounted product or trading for advertising space.  We’re talking about digging deep into your businesses core values to find and support a local charitable organization that truly needs your help.

There are so many ways your business can give back. It may be volunteering at a local event, making a monetary donation or even as far as organizing an employee cleanup day. No matter what you decide, it’s all about making a positive impact in the community in which you live.

Here at Weichert Realtors – Caughman Company we feel blessed by the gracious community that supports us and continues to help us grow.  Becoming a partner with Pine Press Printing’s Oktoberfest in their effort to financially support Midlands Special Needs Foundation (MSNF) is our way of giving back to our community.

MSNF empowers special needs adults across the Midlands to reach their full potential. They are committed to making a difference in the lives of the families that take advantage of their program. They are not given any government funding and are solely reliant on independent contributors and the annual Oktoberfest Silent Auction to meet their yearly budget.

This year’s Oktoberfest is scheduled for Friday, October 26th from 5:00-7:30 pm in our Ellis Avenue complex. All of our clients are cordially invited to join us for an evening of authentic German food, music, and of course the Silent Auction to benefit Midlands Special Needs Foundation. 100% of all proceeds from the auction go to support MSNF.

Right here in Lexington, SC we are fortunate to be part of a community that supports organizations just like this one. Come be a part of something greater by joining us at Oktoberfest. Let us thank you for supporting us while you spend a beautiful Carolina evening with your Lexington neighbors and friends, all to benefit the Midlands Special Needs Foundation. 

Amazing things can happen when we all come together as a community to help support and inspire organizations that rely on us to help them provide the services, so many of our neighbors depend on.

See you at Oktoberfest on Friday, October 26th from 5:00-7:30 pm in our Ellis Avenue complex.

If you have questions about Oktoberfest or you would like to donate an item for the Silent Auction, please contact us at 803.622.4596 or stop by and see us at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company, 120 Ellis Ave Ste C, Lexington, SC.

How to find out what my home is worth?

what is my home worth?

We take the value of your home seriously!

Here at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company in Lexington, SC we go beyond the typical Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and use our exclusive method for determining a home’s market value by performing a Price Trend Analysis (PTA). 

To begin with, let’s define what a Price Trend Analysis is.

A Price Trend Analysis is an in-depth review of the current market values of properties that are comparable to yours. The findings serve as a tool for determining the market value of your property.

This is different from an appraised value, which can only be provided by a licensed appraiser. The market value is determined after we have conducted a price trend analysis and is subjective.

Why do I need a Price Trend Analysis?

The most commonly asked question we get is “Why do I need to know what my home is worth? I know what I want to sell my house for shouldn’t that be all you need?”

Making sure your homes selling price is reflected as accurately as possible is the single most crucial factor when considering selling your home. We strive to advise our clients of the right price point that will ensure your home sells quickly.

With a fluctuating real estate market, it’s imperative that a Price Trend Analysis is done not only to protect the buyer but to protect the lender's investment as well.  This analysis helps to establish a property’s value – which in turn will help justify a sellers asking price. We know our clients want and deserve top dollar for their home and this in-depth report provides an accurate value of the property.

So what do we look at when we create an analysis of your home?

We look at many factors that will influence the value of your home. We analyze local market trends and comparable recent sales to determine your homes true value. Here are a few of the things we consider when helping you identify an accurate selling price for your home:

  • External Characteristics - Condition of the structure, lot size and exterior amenities, home style, the age of the roof.
  • Internal Characteristics - The number and size of the rooms, quality of construction, the age of the appliances, the age of the heating and cooling systems, energy-efficiency.
  • Market Conditions - The number of buyers vs. the number of homes on the market.
  • Location - The school district, neighborhood, proximity to public transportation or highways.

Sell your home quickly — at the right price

When you decide to sell your home, a Price Trend Analysis can help you make a more informed decision regarding your selling price.

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As a real estate agents serving Lexington, SC, we know first hand how confusing the home selling process can be.  Many of our clients come to us knowing we will take the stress out of home selling and make it a painless and seamless transaction. If you have questions about selling your home in Lexington, SC, please call us at 803.622.4596 or stop by and see us at Weichert Realtors Caughman Company, 120 Ellis Ave Ste C, Lexington, SC.

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Charles Caughman
Weichert Realtors Caughman Company
120 Ellis Ave Ste C
Lexington, SC 29072
Phone: 803-622-6171

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